Storing Kayak

When not using a kayak for a week what is the best way to store it, laying on it’s side or on the hull(on foam blocks of coarse)

what’s it made of?
If it’s composite or thermaformed, doesn’t make a whole heck of a difference. However storing a poly kayak(unless its a whitewater boat)right side up is asking for oil canning. put it on the side, or hang it on some webbing on the side or upside down.

What material?
Plastic, composite?

I keep my three boats outside. After every use they get rinsed and wiped down. I then cover them in tarps.


If it is only a week.
On it’s side, upside down or right side up won’t bother it, no matter what material it is made out of.

Just make sure that the supports are under the bulkheads.

My preference is upside down, but that is just because I am too lazy to put the cockpit cover on.

I have kept plastic yaks as well as composite ones on their hulls for several months at a time with no signs of distortation.



Old Town
Reccomends not putting a tarp directly on your canoe / kayak as it can cause excessive heat under it.