Storing kayak

I have a Tempest 165 & would like to know the best way to store it. I have the Talic Seahorse.

Is it best to store it on it’s side, on the hull, or upside down?

And where would be the best place to position the stands?


Robert G

Read the…
Care section in the manual…

Or check the Archives. This is from 2004:


Not only does it keep out rain…

Posted by: coffeeII on Jan-29-04 3:49 PM (EST)

But it is also stated in “most” if not “all” kayak owners manuals to:

“store & transport your kayak either upside down or on it’s side”

I still haven’t figured out why so many people question the “storage & transportaion”, when it is clearly stated in the owner’s manuals of each boat.

The following has been cut & pasted from pages 9 & 14 of my owners manual:

“Use a roofrack appropriate for your kayak. Carry your kayak upside down or on it’s side.”

“Store your kayak away from direct sunlight. If possible, store your kayak on it’s end. Otherwise keep it on it’s side or upside down. Do NOT hang any kayak by it’s grabloops.”

Paddle easy,



Paddle easy,


I store ours on the hull with the …
supports as close to the bulheads as I can.

Some of them are plastic and some are composite.

The little 15 year old Keowees get tossed any place I can find for them and they survive just fine. Right now they have been on their side for the past three years, (in between use naturally). Prior to that they were on end for a few years.

Most of them complain if they are close to the canoes, so I have to keep them segregated from them!

Jack L

Jack L

Storage options
If you’re hanging, roughly one third of the length from each end. This should get you roughly to the bulkheads. I hang all of my kayaks (and my canoe) on their side.

Are hanging from the rafters on the hull.

How I store
My Nighthawk is about 9 years old now, and except for scratches on its bottom many say it still looks new.

Before I have to move, I had a garage. I built a simple padded shelf using 2 sturdy shelf brackets, some scrap 2x4, some old rug and a couple of fuzzy paint rollers. I stored it on its side with the brackets located under the bulkheads.

Now the boat has to sit in the yard. I keep it in a kayak bag and keep it on its side wedged against a fence. It has been buried in snow and has weathered some heavy weather out there and seems none the worse for it. I keep a cockpit cover on it as well to keep out unwelcome guests.

I still pine for the shelf in the garage as it look no time to take it in and out.


Using your Talic SeaHorses
The best way to use your SeaHorses for long term storage is to place the boat upside down with the stands about six feet apart or near the bulkheads. It’s not imperative that you place them directly below the bulkheads because the straps take the shape of the boat and then transfer the weight evenly across a much larger area. Your boat will not warp or dent, and if it’s outside, it won’t fill up with rain or snow either! : )