Storing Kayaks in garage

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I need some help as I am confused. Seems there are two methods to store kayaks for extended periods of time. On slings or on brackets that hold them on an angle. I really like the product that raises it evenly to the ceiling but think I have read that that is not good for long term for a glass boat...

Check out Talic Kayak Condos
I bought some recently, installed them on the wall of the garage, and they’re holding four kayaks now. Five once I finish my stitch and glue Arctic Tern. They are easy to install, and very well built. They look deceptively flimsy in the pictures. They are rock solid.

It makes no difference with glass boats
You can store them in slings, in racks, on a shelf, on the floor, on the hull, the side or upside-down. It doesn’t matter how you store it or whether you support it at the bulkheads. Fiberglass boats are not subject to deforming the way plastic boats are. Use whatever method is most convenient for you.

Makes it easy for me now …

I second that



I love these things!


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I love this thing!

(You'll need to click on the "full size" button to see the shots -don't know why that part of tghe URLs didn't "take".);photo_height=-1;photo_width=-1;photo_height=-1;photo_width=-1

Actually, in a garage, you can mount 2X4s, 1X4s, or 1X3s perpendicular to the wall at the studs (basically my rack; my rack verticals -the "studs" -are 2X6s) and they'll work wonderfully well and a lot less expensively than buying a rack. A single 1X3 will support me -and I weigh 200#; two will more than adequately hold up your boat(s).

I love the idea of an overhead pulley system, but won't hang a boat in a carport that is open to "inspection" by passers-by; in my back yard, out-of-sight is out-of-mind. Plus, you may not be able to hang with some garage door systems.

Jack & Brian are right -doesn't make much difference where/how you hang a glass boat; I suspect it's much the same with the new-gen, thermo-form vacu-bag hardshell plastics as well. But I also suspect that as is the case with rotos, you don't want to hangem high by the carry toggles, either.

Good luck with your system -inside stowage is a nice way to store -and protect -your boats between times when you


-Frank in Miami

Check out Martin Creek

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Check out the storage racks at I use the racks and wouldn't put my boat on anything else! Plus fiberglass boat hulls will deform and can have dents from improper storage.

Wall storage
Very easy to constuct a “kayak condo” type wall mount out of 2x4’s, and carriage bolt the stucture to the wall studs. Pad out the horizontal supports with a little foam and it works perfect.

my boathouse formerly known as a garage
my racks are not beautiful but practical:

and my problem is how to fit all boats into a garage. In addition to the racks, the 24’ surfrigger is hanging above diagonally.

A simple “h” stand.
I built a simply stand that the cross section looks like an ‘h’ it sits up against the wall and there is a long base on it for stability. I put pads on the top so I can put my kayak on it and then an extension ladder fits on the bottom. If I had more kayaks I would add onto the ‘h’ to make another level but alas, I have only one. Was pretty much free since I made it with some spare 2x4’s lying around.


2x4’s as kayak racks bad idea!
When I first started kayaking I too built a rack out of 2x4’s I had in my garage (trying to be cheap) much like the ones poeple have suggested on this tread but after only a week my kayak was taking the shape of the 2x4 no matter how much padding I had, the kayak I just spent $1000 dollars on was slowly being destroied. That’s when I decided if I was going to spend $1000’s of dallors on kayaks and gear, I was not going the cheap route when it came to storing my kayak. After all my kayaks saddly spends more time in the storage racks I puchased from, I now have 7 (4 fiberglass and 3 plactic) kayaks all stored safely ready for the next trip!

Umm, padding.

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I have padding on any area that the kayak touchs the frame.

It would be no different than say Thule's Hullaports with the pads. (And I've added more padding to my Thules).

Works for me!


Must be some crappy fiberglass!
A glass boat is not going to deform in storage, unless perhaps your storage facility gets up to 200 degrees or so inside or you store the thing in the open and let it fill with rain water.