Storing Kayaks on a pier

I want to store my kayaks on my pier- hanging on the waterside of the pilings nearest the shoreline where it is shallow. I want to install a pool ladder so that I can put the kayak in the water and use the ladder to get in and out of it.

(My shoreline has been rip-rapped so launching there is no longer an option)

My Husband wants to buy an outrageously expensixe floating dock. He doesn’t think my idea will work and thinks the kayaks will get full of water and bugs.

I could use some tie breaking suggestions.

Thanks in advance


Your kayaks need protection
Kayaks are a high-temptation item for people to steal, and the materials kayaks are made out of are suceptible to breakdown from exposure to sunlight over time.

Consider both options
the floating dock for kayaks - assuming you would get one that is nearly on the surface of the water for kayak use - is really sweet and you’d love it everytime you use them.

You say, hang them under the pilings - well pilings are the vertical posts so I assume you mean hanging under the dock. Sure, they will most definitely be spider city. You are one type or the other. One type will put them in the water, sweep away the spiders and hope none are ready to crawl up your legs while you’re paddling - and every drop of perspiration will feel like they are … but you will be forever happy for not spending the money on the dock.

Or you will be the type that will spend the money on the dock and every time you use the yak and enjoy the easy entry/exit you’ll feel great about your purchase.

Either one works - BUT - if you have the dock, how are you protecting the kayaks from the sun? If you just tie them up at the dock that’s not a great solution. You might be able to make a tent for them but a gusty thunderstorm might play havoc with that. Perhaps it is shady along your dock though and it will work.

How about…
…a ramp over your rip-rap?