storing kayaks outside

Hi, we are moving to a place where we will need to keep our boats outside, as opposed to in the basement they’ve always been in. One boat is plastic, the other glass. I was wondering if anyone could give us some tips on how to keep them in good shape. We’ve already got good cockpit covers, and are planning to get a tarp or something to cover them. Any other tips or important things we should know?

Thanks for any help!

Don’t worry
If you’ve got a good tarp, that’s about all you need. As long as they’re not exposed to the sun, they’ ll be fine.

Thanks! Now one more question…I’ve seen those “kayak covers” - do people generally think that those are worth it, or is a tarp just as good? Are there any other types of covers that may not trap as much water as a tarp might?

Cockpit covers
I wouldn’t be inclined to use a cockpit cover if storing the boat for more than a day or two. I find cockpit covers useful for keeping the seat dry when leaving the kayak upright overnight (while on a tour, for example) and when transporting the kayak in the rain. For long term storage, I would store the kayak upside down or on edge and let air circulate into the cockpit and into the front and rear hatches.

But leave a cockpit cover off through
winter, and you are inviting spiders and larger furrier critters to move in.

New product?
Sounds like there is a need for cockpit “screen doors” to keep out the critters while allowing air circulation.