storing kayaks outside

I need to store 2 (plastic) kayaks in an outside area alongside my house. (The area is actually under the roof eaves, so is fairly well shaded.) I want some type of ready-made, self-standing, inexpensive kayak holder. (I don’t want to drill or bolt anything into the wall of the house.) Suggestions?

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Have you looked at the reviews? I thought Talic was a sponsor of this site. They make some free-standing models. I don’t have one, but I know folks who like them.

I store my boats the same place with
a very simple free standing rack I put together from 4x4 and 2x4. In profile it looks like a chair with arms. 2 boats go on the ‘seat’, one on the ‘arms’.I’ll send a photo if you want.Probably cost $30 because I used treated lumber.

Can you say: A couple of saw horses ?
A pool noodle across each strapped down real tight in the middle with duct tape so it forms a make shift saddle.

I am quite sure you can get them in kit form at the lumber yards.

You won’t get anything much cheaper unless you want to use one of my old methods: a couple of scrap pieces of 4x4 with the noodle strapped down as above.



go to a garage sale and buy two cheap ladders

don’t quite follow
I’m having trouble visualizing precisely what you mean, and how it holds 2 kayaks.

If you are asking about the saw horses,

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get four.
If you are asking about the ladder(s); beats me unless you are putting it on my saw horses, in which case, I am going to charge you rent.
Naturally the rent for one long ladder holding two kayaks end to end would be cheaper than two ladders, on two sets of saw horses.

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