Storing kayaks, rack setup etc.

So I understand, particularly with plastic boats, that you must consider how you store them otherwise you risk warping the hull. Is this concern the same with fiberglass boats? Once I purchase my fiberglass kayak I’ll need to build a rack to store it outside in my back yard as I don’t have indoor space for it. I was thinking something with a cheap pressure treated plywood “roof” and probably some 1" or 2" webbing in two or three places along the length cradeling the kayak. Would this be a safe way to store year round? (I’m in new york state) The straps I would assume would be ideal for weight distribution, but still, would you want to store upright in the straps, or flip the boat upside down or what???

Contact the manufacturer
I think they have their own recommendations.

I store my kevlar CD Solstice upright, cradled on an aluminum frame and cushion from old outside reclining patio chair slightly modified(I cut off the legs). I have thought of using three 2" straps as you suggested. Bottom line is it needs to be supported along the hull and out of the sun and heat.

I also keep a cockpit cover on just in case any water gets to the kayak - you don’t want to have water standing inside your kayak while it is being stored.


Sounds good but try to place …
the straps so they will be under the bulkheads. That is the strongest point.

I have boats (plastic and composite) all over the place, and I have found that it makes no difference whether I store them on their side or right side up. It also doesn’t make any difference whether they are just across a couple of 2" x 4"‘s or whether they are lying flat on a continuous sheet of plywood.

Good luck on your project.

I just today finished putting eight posts into the ground for a 13 foot x 28 foot kayak/canoe storage shed.

I’ll probably use padded 2’ x 4"'s for the boat supports. the only reason I’ll pad them is so the hulls won’t get scratched when I slide them on and off.





This is what I did…
I store all my boats outside. Here is how I have two of them stored.



Storing boats
Store the plastic boats on their side and the fiberglass boats upright in a saddle. If they are outside use a cockpit cover. Nothing like paddling along and feeling a LARGE SPIDER crawling up your leg. Ask me how i know? Fastest exit in paddling history. Vaughn Fulton

fastest exit!!
:slight_smile: ha ha ha

Simple A-frame rack
You can make a smaller version of my backyard rack. Pics are at

I like that rack

I really like that rack!! Simply, cheap, sturdy and easily moveable. I’ll have to take note of that design…the only thing I guess I’d consider doing differently is stretching webbing across the middle instead of solid wood to cradle the boats…I figure more even weight distribution. Thanks for the pics!!