Storing kayaks

I know this topic has been beat to death, but I’m worried about storing my kayaks outside over winter. I wanted to hang them in the garage but it isn’t looking like a project that will be completed this fall.

I have covered porch out back, where I stored them last year – kind of leaning on their sides and covered with a tarp. This year, since my roof rack is available, I’m thinking of sitting it on the floor and storing the kayaks in the yakima j-cradles.

Does anyone see a problem with this? Would you still throw a tarp over them?

Don’t see a problem
I would suggest that you turn the Js around so that the low sides of the Js face each other towards the center of the bars, like this:

_____ L ____ J _____

That way the tall side of the Js should hold the tarp up off the boats like a tent, preventing condensation problems.

I think my kayaks are too wide for the top of the J’s to be higher, but I can probably rig something up between them to keep the tarp from touching.