Storing Kevlar canoe in winter

I just bought new Swift Kevlar Fusion canoe. Dealer said I could store Kevlar outdoors, even in my area where temperatures sometimes fall below 0 degrees. Is that correct? If so, should I just put a tarp over canoe and hope for the best? Do something else? Or was Dealer wrong in what he said about outdoor storage? Thanks.

outdoor storage
Store it upside down tied to a solid rack because you don’t want winter winds blowing it around. The rack needs be located where snow or ice running off a roof cannot impact the hull. Also be suspicious of tree limbs. Yeah, a tarp would be nice to eliminate UV degradation.

We stored ours outdoors

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As it rapidly got covered with snow, UV degradation had no chance

The problem was during the winter we snowshoed on it, forgetting it was there ( it was OK) and in the spring found that robins had laid eggs on the bottom of the upturned seat and we couldn't use it for a while.
Most likely there were mice living there in the winter
Five feet of snow is good insulator. We had six weeks where the temps never got above 0
Northern New England

Mine are in a unheated barn …
where the temperature is the same as outside and lots of times that can be below zero.

I wouldn’t hesitate to store them outside, but I would completely wrap it in a big tarp to keep unwanted critters out.

Jack L

Winter storage okay
I picked up my Swift kevlar fusion Pack from a dealer/outfitter in Whitehorse, Yukon. It had been stored through the winter in a covered but otherwise open storage rack and suffered no consequences - and winters do get a bit chilly in the Yukon. Now I have it in an unheated garage on the somewhat warmer Alaska Kenai Peninsula - no problems.


Are the gunwales…
Wood, carbon, vinyl, or aluminum?

If wood, I’d try to protect the wood from sun and moisture if possible.

Outside is ok, on a canoe rack or
sawhorses. Cover with a tarp and vent somewhat.

Should last 20+ years, pending use factors.