Storing kevlar canoe outside.

I have a Bell Morning Star and I am considering storing it in an unheated garage over the winter. We seldom get under 0 F during the winter. Is there any reason that this would not be a good idea or are there things I need to do to the canoe before winter storage.

It will be fine
Storing a canoe “outside” makes me think of the usual worries: too much sun, and woodwork that gets wet regularly. Putting it in a building solves those issues. The building need not be warm inside. Perhaps your concern about the cold environment is be based on what you’ve heard about what can happen to Royalex canoes with wood gunwales. Your canoe will be fine.

Absolutely right
We leave three ultralight kevlar canoes in our NC mountain unheated “boat house” all winter long.

There are many nights where it is below zero.

Jack L

I stored my Kevlar Malecite outside
for years. It had Al gunnels and cane seats. It was stored 3’ off the ground and covered with a tarp. I had to refinish the seats every couple of years, primarily because the glue holding the cane in place would dry out.

I have seventeen happy canoes
in an unheated barn.And have had for nearly 15 years.

They are not allowed inside the house…bad behavior.

Stored really outside before we had the barn built. The chief problem was losing them in the snow and tripping over them.

That year we had some five feet on the ground at any one time. I fell on one…

I’ve kept several composites outside
on sawhorses covered with tarps, and through frigid winters.

They shine like new with a spring washing.

Only issue is with the plastic sawhorse brackets that get brittle and crack. I’m building a wooden storage rack.