I am going to try some overnight kayak camping this spring, one night only. I have searched the forums on stoves, lanterns and such, but would like a recommendation on a cannister stove, cannister lantern and pot or set of pots to get for the overnighter. Will be going with dehydrated food also. Would like to keep in the $100 range also for all.

I know some of you are against cannisters, but have been in the Boy Scouts for years, and am so tired of messing with fuel.

Thanks, Tom

Why not just
hit Walmart and buy the green bottle stove, latern ect. ? Seems as if it would be the cheapest way. or you could go with candle lantern use too.

Primus Alpine PowerCook
I have found the Primus Alpine PowerCook stove to be great. A bit larger than most of the burners that go on top of the gas cartridge, it puts out the heat at 14,500 BTU. I like it because it is powerful and, unlike my other Primus burner (Multifuel, i.e. either gas cartridge or liquid fuel), it is quiet. I also have the Himalaya EasyFuel which is attached to the cartridge via a hose; it takes more space, but it is a great stove. All gas cartridge stoves are less effective in cold conditions, that is, 40 degrees or less. I highly recommend gas cartridge fuel: it is clean and easy.

I bought a Coleman Apex
at Wal-Mart and have been using it for several years now with no problems. It cost around $53 and uses white gas. We never bring a lantern unless car camping. A LED headlamp works great and the batteries don’t go flat for a long time. In fact we use them in our trailer when dry camping (no hookups) for an extended time so our trailer’s battery doesn’t go dead. Don’t get one of those cheap propane stoves.

I’ve Been Using
a Coleman single burner stove and lantern which share a canister. They both work great and are very easy to use. However, the lantern is very clumsy to pack and I always worry about the glass lens. I have ordered a battery LED lantern and plan to leave the canister lantern at home.

Happy Paddling,


Because Walmart …
Because Walmart doesn’t offer a living wage and puts out of business those who do.

Having second thoughts on what I
previously wrote. I bought my Apex at Wal-Mart when I was thinking like you - buy cheap. You’ll have the stove for a long time so getting a better quality one is the way to go. Check out an MSR Pocket Rocket. I think they are less than $50, but a quality product. Besides the Coleman Apex, I bought a MSR Wind Pro which I really like which costs around $80 (uses a canister). I bring it on shorter trips and while backpacking. I use the other for extended trips. You probably would be better off with canisters for the convenience rather than liquid gas since you’re not going out for too long. You can go through an eight oz canister ($4) in a couple of days if you get fancy with your cooking and heat a lot of water. For the same cost you can buy a gallon of gas which will last all summer, but it’s more of a hassle using the stove.

Unless you get fancy with cooking a single pot and pan will do.

Lanterns should be given away free since they make a killing selling replacement glass globes because you usually break it the first night out. The LED headlamp is the way to go.

Just took a 5 min. shopping trip to

MSR Pocket Rocket $39.95

Brunton Lucy Butane Lantern $49.99

GSI Outdoors 1.5 Quqrt Hard Anodized Boiler $19.97

total $109.91

I will not buy at “walmart”, have no use for their buisness style/plan.


I’ll second the MSR pocket rocket
Happy with mine.

Just curious
What the name of the companies are out there that pays their employees a living wage and can still offer the products you want for under a $100?

Overnight? Why bother. Pack some good
sandwiches or other easy to eat/prepare without heat foods and enjoy leaving the work/fuss behind.

walmart is for car campers
I give 2 thumbs up to MSR Pocket Rocket,tiny,reliable,efficient. Don’t get a fuel-burning lantern, get something small with LEDs and save space and weight.If only cooking basic soup type stuff for 2,i’d just use a pair of stainless bowls( like the MSR Alpine Bowl-cheap and very useful) and forget the pot.



has its own pot system so you do nto need anything else…

faster and more efficient boil time than any other stove…packs inside itself for ease of packing…

and yes it is isopro/isobutane…

love it!

Kelly Kettle
You may want to check out the Kelly Kettle to see if that meets your need.

Stoves on Ebay
I have bought two stoves here lately on ebay for a fraction of retail. Do an ebay searh on Peak 1 Stove and you will be delighted at how much you can save. I agree with the others about the LED headlamps I hang my Princeton-Tec Aurora in a tree and it works well as a lantern. Wal-Mart offers an Energizer LED headlamp for about $12 that is really nice. The only drawback to buying on ebay is that you might be buying from a Republican or God forbid, a Redneck Merchant !!!Shreieeeek!!! :wink:

Please stop saying stuff like that
Its clear you have never worked in retail management and obviously don’t know what you are talking about. They pay no better or worse than any other discounter in any market. I can tell you that from 30 years experience in retailing. They are the big dog so they take the crap and the heat for the entire industry.

Just ask your question and take the other stuff over to B&B.

If you want to stay cheap

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and are doing a one-nighter so don't need to worry about weight/bulk, I think a single Coleman propane stove and a coleman lantern would do you fine. I'm with others that you really don't need much light, and could enjoy a candle lantern more. A warm, gentle light, almost like a campfire. LED lanterns work well, too. Not the pretty light you get with a candle, but safe inside a tent.

I would recommend against the dehydrated for a one-nighter. They're great for long trips, because they are super-light and easy to prepare, but the taste isn't the best, and they are expensive. I find the Lipton sides, the pasta dishes especially, are great for a cheap, pretty light, dry product that doesn't require a lot of work to prepare, and since it's a one-nighter you don't have to worry about using up your fuel too fast.

Since you say it’s for kayak camping I guess I’ll assume that you need something small, like backpacking gear. I used a Primus stove bought on clearance at REI for a few years and it worked as well as it could have. Problems with it are typical of any stove of it’s type which are that the cans don’t work when cold and the stoves don’t work when even a little bit wet.

Only thing I’d recommend is that you make sure whatever fuel you need is available locally. REI stopped carrying the Primus canisters locally so I bought a white gas stove. You can mail order canisters from REI but it takes awhile because it’s hazardous shipping.