Stowe Allagash Questions

I have a line on a Kevlar Stowe Allagash for a fair price. These have not been built (as far as I know) since 1992/3 ish. Does anyone have an old catalog that will tell me the specs for it? I am also interested to hear what anyone knows about this model. I have not seen it yet and before I go out of my way to look at it it would be nice to know if it’s a decent tandem hull or a bathtub like most of the other Stowe canoes.

Any information will be appreciated.

To be clear, I don’t need a super sophisticated ride. I have a bunch of wooden canoes that I paddle and an OT Royalex Penobscott for a beater. I would use this for trips with tons of carries and when I feel lazy. For example, I might use it on the 9 carries in the Adk Park. Trips less than 4 days, carries a mile or two. That sort of thing.

Not meant to be…
The poor thing was whipped and it had been poorly repaired by some local clowns. My wife saw me do something I rarely do…I walked away. The hull looked “ok”. It had fairly nice entry, and decent lines for a period 16. It was pretty hefty for kevlar. It had a carry thwart that was not located in the right place and in hindsight I suppose the clowns that repaired it mounted it backwards. The poor woman that owned it had paid a canoe shop almost $500 to repair the boat. Had they been honest with her they would have told her to scrap it. She had praises for them and their repair …

I went home with a real nice Branches paddle and will keep looking.

The search ended quickly
after I found a Swift Kipawa for a very fair price. It’s not feather light but half the weight of most of my wooden canoes. It’s a very good quality boat, has a good hull with nice quiet entry and seems to respond well to the paddle. We’ve only taken one quick spin just to be sure. I kept hearing about how tender these are and needed to find out for myself before I bought it.

Anyone that finds this hull tender needs to stay away from the Chestnut Fox or old WW cedar strip canoes. This one is a peach and will only get better with some gear piled into it.