Stowe canoe 16' 6" Allagash???

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Hi folks, I am looking at buying this fiberglass canoe and it is said to be a Stowe canoe 16' 6" allagash, very good condition, from 1994...I've no other info and can't find anything about this boat. It has a slight 'V' shaped hull (not flat bottom). Anyway any info about this boat and it's design and handling would be very appreciated. .. Thank you!

Buy it, try it, and if it does not suit,
sell it.

I’m afraid very few on pnet will have personal experience with a 20 year old Stowe.

I’ve seen plenty of them
at the Kenduskeag race in Maine in the spring. It seems to be a boat that will get you out there and be satisfying if you have no high speed aspirations. Most add a truck tire tube for additional flotation

Its not a ww boat either but paddlers of it in that 17 mile race ( 10 miles flatwater and 7 of class 2 and 3 ww ) don’t die either.

I heard of this race…
… sounds like a good time!!! The boat is inexpensive and pretty sure it will float with good secondary stability. THANK YOU FOR YOUR REPLY!!!

Paddle Well!

For those unfamiliar with the flavor

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of the Kenduskeag Stream race:

This is an elite canoe race populated by highly skilled and practiced tandem open canoe paddlers.


another view

Its a great fun race.