Stowe Canoe, 17 foot

I picked up an interesting canoe at a bargain price. Although most sources state Stowe went under in 91 this one is a 92. it is 17’ 4"X 36" and a two seater with the front adjustable fore and aft. It originally had the smaller generic wood framed cane seats. As the caneing was absent I was lucky enough to find a pair of snowshoe weave larger seats from a 13 ft stowe that look great, after some trimming. The boat is hand layed glass and the flooring is a balsa sheet covered in clear, looks like a parquet pattern, similar to some older old towns I have seen. It doesnt have the interior ribbing which was a stowe/mansfeild trademark.The rails have been recently replaced with mahogony. Anyone have an older mag or catalog IDing this boat and its specs, especiaslly weight? I have a moore viper double, 18.5 1974 and a Wenonah Advantage so I needed a more versitlile tank like this! Exceptional platform for my piantadosi sliding seat rowing rig as well!

Allagash line
This could be one of Stowe’s Allagash line of canoes.

The 1992 buyers guide shows a 17’6" Allagash Endurance.

It had a bow height of 20" midship of 14.5, stern 19". Width was given as 36". Stems were straight and the hull was described as hand laid and core stiffened.

These are good canoes, much better paddling than the traditional styled Mansfield hulls.