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I’m a new member who found this site while looking for the maker of a specific canoe. I used to own a wonderful Stowe Allagash-15 about 8-10 years ago. Unfortunately I sold it and now would like to find another. I can’t seem to locate a website for Stowe nor any referrence to the Allagash-15 model.

(Actually 14’ 9"). The people I bought it from, Wyoming River Raiders, are also apparently not where they used to be. My e-mail to them bounced back and there is no listing in the 800 listings.

Does anyone have any contact info on Stowe or even WRR?


Joe-SF Bay ARea

Not Sure About Stowe…
…but WRR went out of business, due in part to their poor customer service the last few years. I bought a canoe from them about 7 years ago and received excellent service. Last year, or the year before, every time I tried to order something it was on “Backorder.” I recall a lengthy thread last year on this forum regarding many similar experiences with WRR. WW

Stowe either went out of business years ago or were bought out by someone else. I had a Mansfield and tried to contact them about 6-7 yrs ago with no luck. I think you’re out of luck on this one. Might want to post in the Classifieds as looking for this canoe. Good luck!

Stowe Canoe
Stowe went out of business in 1999. Earth & Ocean acquired its assets. They, in turn, went out of business in 2001.

Stowe Canoes
I feel your pain brother. I have a Manfield Prospectr made by the Stowe Canoe & Snowshoe Company. Mahogony ribs, ash gunwales…it is a thing of beauty.

When it comes to looking like a Stowe, try

They make a lovely boat.o

Thanks for the info! Sorry to hear that WRR AND Stowe are no longer with us. I’ll just have to keep looking.

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Stowe Canoes
I have an all fiberglass ( woodn mesh seats) Model: Adirondac Algonquin…looking to sell any thought on where I might post it?