Stowe, VT paddle info

I’m going to be in and around Stowe, VT 7/4 weekend and know nothing about places to paddle there. I’m seeking some suggestions for interesting down river trips or lake/pond areas. Will bring a C2 which can be either kevlar or royalex, depending on suggestions for 2 experienced paddlers. Thanks in advance.

Lake Champlain
You won’t be too far from Burlington…check out Lake Champlain. I know there is a launch and parking right in town, by the park.

Green River Reservoir A Beautiful, paddle only lake.

Paddling around Stowe
Some varied options from the Stowe area to Lake Champlain in the Burlington area:

The Waterbury Reservoir:

Lake Elmore:

The Lamoille and Winooski Rivers:

Otter Creek
is an opportunity for many miles of north flow


call Umiak?

They can probably make some suggestions. The water’s pretty low right now.
an click on the links , take ya to WW sites , umiak as said afore , well as Burl. an a host o smaller fresh water lakes with put-ins for free .



Lake George
I just paddled the narrows of Lake George between Northwest Bay and Silver Bay. The lake is 32 miles long and there are camping & picnicing spots on the islands along the way.

Here are some pics of the trip:

I found a guide who was willing to do a private tour and he provided everthing I didn’t have with me (boat, paddle, dry saks, lunch… :slight_smile: He was a terrific guide. I believe he also does white water.

His website is

A lot of nice headwaters Annr