Straightjacket Roll

geez upside
lighten up. read the entire post in the context of the thread for chrissakes. Where the hell does homo come into this?

wishful thinking?



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upside suffers from homophobia--must be all those sheep in Montana make him nervous

what’s with the Maligiaq mancrush?
The whole Greenland thing is not about competition, it is about the revival and survival of a cultural heritage. The reinvigoration of a culture that has largely been dismantled for many “noble” but misguided causes over the years. The annual event in Greenland is in fact a social event that ensures the qajaq skills are passed on to the next generation. Those who seek to conquer and become stars, paint themselves in that image, or make others in to them should go plow other pastures as their objectives are egotistic and serve only to promote their own over inflated egos.

Elbow roll
Hi schizopak,

How do you do an elbow roll? Have you seen anyone doing it in a production sea kayak?

The most difficult roll I can do in my Necky Tikani is a one fist roll. The other day in the pool, I tried what I thought was an elbow roll (i.e. both hands on my shoulders, but not with arms crossed). I came close but didn’t quite make it.

BTW, any pointers for how to do a storm roll? I use a regular Euro paddle instead of greenland paddle. Wonder if the storm roll is only for greenland paddle.

"The whole Greenland thing"
The cultural aspects and such are all very interesting, but I’ll leave that to the Greenlanders to preserve.

For me, it’s mostly about decent gear and techniques.

Jay exaggerates a bit. The straight jacket roll was known and done among whitewater kayakers before Cheri came along to do it. That is where the name “straight jacket” roll comes from. I saw people doing it 10 years before she did it. She may have been one of the first in this country to do it in something resembling a sea kayak, but the boat she perfected it in was a specialty boat optimized to make that kind of roll easy.

Cheri deserves credit for introducing the roll back into the sea kayak community, but she was not the first person in this country able to do it.