Straightjacket Roll

(Tallit Paarlatsillugit Timaannarmik) Anyone successfully completed this roll using a WS Tempest 170? Any special techniques you can share?

I don’t think that’s possible.
The WS Tempest’s backdeck is too high to cleanly do a straightjacket roll. Straitjacket and elbow rolls need an extremely low back deck so that your body can smoothly transition from planing in the water to sliding onto the back deck. For aft finishing rolls, I’d guess that the fist roll or maybe elbow roll is the limit for the Tempest.

We should be asking you, maligiaq

Only Time I’ve Seen That Roll Done…
it was in a boat that was more submarine than sea kayak. I think a paddler could safely carry a Little Debbie snack cake in it.

is that the roll
where the paddler crosses his hands over his chest and does it w/o using either paddle or hands?

And by the way, I believe Schizo could probably do it in a tempest.


There is no spoon.
…Matrix reference for those that didn’t catch it.

I suppose you could take Kudzu’s comment and expand on it. Weigh down the Tempest, remove your PFD, pad the seat if you need more height to lay back flat, and then when you’ve got it down like that, keep removing your “handicaps” until you find out what’s possible and what’s not.

…or you take the red pill like Alex and BB and live up to your online handle. :wink:

Straightjacket Roll
My-my what intoxicating vanity!!!

yup! here’s me and my submarine…

No, not vanity, but pure necessity.

Imagine you get knocked over by a big crashing wave into a kelp bed. It rolls you a few times, rips your paddle out of your arms. Kelp strands wrap around your body tying your hands close to your torso. The wave is so big that it still has leftover momentum to carry your boat to the clear water. And, you are still upside down. That’s where you use your straight jacket roll to get some air and sun, and ponder your further actions…

every boat I get in
looks like a submarine

very cool footage, schizopak

an unlikely scenario
Far more likely is that a speared seal would encircle your boat, round and around, winding you up in the line and eventually pulling you over. Your only chance: tallit paarlatsillugit timaannarmik at the moment when the seal stops for a rest. This should buy you enough time to make peace with God before the seal pulls you over again.

but something tells me I wouldn’t be able to do that in my tempest although it would be interesting to try the next really hot day at the lake.

or perhaps while under that wave a giant squid moves in for a snack and puts the death grip on you. Perform said roll, the squid, upon being rolled above the surface, releases its grip, spits out your head, and politely hands your paddle back to you as it decides you’ll be needing it again after all. …I figured as long as we’re putting grand scenarios together, they may as well be fun. Actually, forget the roll, I want to be saved by a mermaid…

Yes it is vain to use someone else’s name.

It is also fraudulent, rude and insulting.

In particular when the name in question belongs to someone who can and does these rolls better than anyone here.

It is telling of the poster’s contemptuous and superficial attitude.

Give it up and delete your phony profile and start a new one with a real name or at least one not belonging to a real person.

If you want to learn the rolls build yourself a real skin on frame qajaq and give up the 12 inch deep plastic tub.

Are you refering to the original poster?

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you mean its not the real(and famous)Maliqiag--multiple time winner of the Greenland Rolling Championship---I wondered if he really did own a Tempest 170---for a brief moment I thought I had bragging rights that we paddled the same boat. I'm crushed. ):

What Is It About PNet…

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that folks can't figure out not to respond to trolls and A-holes? This guy is so obvious from day one and yet, folks keep responding to his trolls...

I wish the stripers would jump on my hook as fast... :)


Back into the woodwork

Straightjacket roll
Just like horse cultures who rode standing on horses, kayak cultures often tested themselves and created tough challenges to not only increase their expertise on the water but for fun too. The Greenland people have just added a new one to the list and it has nothing to do with seals and survival although many are based on survival. Cheri Perry was the first mortal to do the strait jacket in the US although I did see an old white water video and this super thin and flexible kid did one in a pool. Prior to that there was this one seal hunter years back who invented it and I believe he was the only one to do it. There’s a small video of it on the


Ho hum… pass the butter please
And jam, for my roll.

Back to my padded cell.

what’s with the Maligiaq mancrush?
I read where Maligiaq competed in all events at the Greenland Kayak championships and won his 7th Qayaq Man of the Year. Great for him as the dominant figure in his sport; like the Yankees, NE Patriots, Muhammad Ali, and Tiger Woods, to name a few dynasties. But to call him a “God” sounds a bit homo. Lets keep the hero worshiping to one’s own San Francisco fantasy and get a life.