Strait or angled rod holder

I have a Scotty rod holder in front but was thinking about 1 or 2 flush mounts in behind the seat for my net and a spare pole. What dose everyone prefer the strait or 30 degree angle. If you like the angle what way do you face them I was thinking back would be the best or maybe out like a 45 degree facing out and back. Thanks for the help before the holes are made.

Where are you fishing
It will make a big difference as to what is appropriate. Where I fish, there are overhanging trees. The flush mount rod holders are tangle hazards, so I would recommend against them based on that. However, if you’re fishing in an open area, then the advice would change.

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Rod Holders
d…I have flush-mounts behind the seats on 2 of my kayaks. On the first I had them mounted at about 30 degrees, the theory being that would be better for trolling, with the trade-off being that they were more apt to get hung up on overhanging brush when fishing narrow water or shorelines. They worked predictably - fine for trolling, and yes, constantly got hung up in overhanging brush when I wasn’t paying attention.

On the second kayak I had them mounted pointing straight back. Candidly, they worked about the same. Assuming your rods are long enough to clear the stern, they troll fine, and yes, I still get them hung up in overhangs, but maybe not quite as much.

I summary, I’m not sure it matters that much.


rod holder
Wasn’t really thinking about the trees but I guess it would cause problems for me in some spots. For the most part I was thinking about using them on the rivers and ponds to keep a net handy as well as a second pole. Was having a great day fishing last year and wasn’t even to the hot spot yet, about 1.5 away from camp when I set the hook and blew the gears out of my reel. Guess where the spare rod was.

I put in angled flush mounts on my …
Marquesa because I thought I would really need them. They really don’t work that well as rod holders…at least not as well front Scotty. I no longer use them for their intended purpose.

I keep a travel rod in the cockpit
I strap a travel rod in the cockpit and keep a spare reel in a fanny pack.

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I mounted two
Scottys in the back in flush mounts… This way I can angle the rod anyway I want. I l;ike to lay them straight out flush with the water for paddling. This way they stay out of the way.