Strand Kayaks

If ever you are thinking about a Strand skin-on-frame don’t hesitate to engage Peter in this endeavor. You will be very pleased with the product, his professionalism, his artistry and the wonderful way you will be treated if you go to Uncasville to pick up your boat.

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Thanks to Peter Strand for a taste of ancient Greenlandic history and a wonderful kayak.

she’s a beaut
prettier in black though…


Thanks Paul, just weight it—
34 pounds 7 ounces…not too shabby at all…also did an impulse buy this morning…shuttled a hiker on the AT, I met her at the Nolichucky River where she left a car…a whitewater outfitter is there too, so while waiting for her to load her stuff in my car I bought a Jackson Rocker–this to be the pool rolling boat for this winter, and who knows, might get a hair in the wrong place and do a bit of WW next spring…knowing how to roll should help a bit eh?

Another beautiful Pete Strand SOF…
Congrats Medicineman…

I first saw one of Pete’s kayaks last year at a ConnYak Pool session…they are real beauties. Pete was really helpful when I built my sof…offering suggestions whenever I wrote to him.

Enjoy…and keep us posted on its handling.


mine is 43
just weighed it with the digital scale. should be able to get a couple of pounds off when i sand it as I did have a tendency to slather the black paint on!.

Mine is 19 feet 3 inches long also so not bad at all.

He builds great boats.