Strange G-Flex Occurance

I have a MR Eclipse with cold cracks and I did the usual start of repairs. When I drizzled the G-Flex in it seemed to take and I sealed it off and waited until the next day to take off the seals and look it over. Damn, but it seemed like the resin got sucked away!

Just for reference this boat from what I could glean off the web was that it is royelx lite and seems to be more prone to cold cracks. I would love to be corrected if I am wrong on this.

I ended up applying another layer of G/F to the cracks to fill them. If I have to do this with the other cracks I’m good with it just to get it fixed but I’m wondering if anyone has any insight as to why this would happen. For the second app I did use the high tech tool…toohpick to stuff the goo in.

I will add that it has been damp and humid as late.


Were you using unthickened G-flex?
Although the foam between the ABS layers is supposedly closed cell, the cracks exposed it to water, and Eric Nyre says water exposure changes the foam, makes it stiffer.

So one possible explanation is that the G-flex disappeared into the foam layer. You can try the thickened version, or thicken it yourself.

Would the foam layer have been thoroughly dried out? I know West says G-flex can work underwater, but if the foam layer was moist, that would be another mystery factor. Ever see a batch of West epoxy mistakely mixed in a cup with water in it? Hot, nasty mess.

Hi Doug
Why not give the West systems folks a call.

They are awesome to deal with and will walk you through any problems.

Jack L

I have not had that experience and I have used G-flex to repair cold cracks in a couple of Royalex boats. I have generally thickened the epoxy with silica powder.

My guess is that the epoxy went into the interstices of the foam core as well.

Loading some epoxy into a dental syringe (with a long, drawn out point) works well for filling cracks and holes like that.