Strange things you see on the river

I’ve been capturing videos of some of the odd things you see sometimes on river trips. Here are a couple of them. I’m curious, what are some of the strange things yall have seen. Did you take a picture or video?

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Dang. The ladder was strange, but it was attached to a fire truck.

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I’m always intrigued by derelict boats. Either ones that had been abandoned or ones that washed away during a storm. I can’t help but imagine the utility, the opportunity it provided, ports it had visited, the wrenching decision upon realizing it had served it’s useful life, or the heartbreak of seeing it missing from the place it had been moored. It’s sad to see how parts are salvaged to leave it all the more diminished.

Cars represent travel, boats represent adventure!

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There once were trains the rivers crossed,
for a pillar short to damp depot lost.
Swamp harvest deposits beguile in matter,
when local bank branch climbs a corporeal ladder.

And with misadventure to bank, shoal and coast,
derelicts intrigue haunts us its ghost.

The odd thing about what appears to be a bridge base is that there was not a matching base on the other side of the river and there does not appear that there was ever a road. But I have no idea what else it would be.

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A military drone following us for 2 days.
An airplane on floats coming up river at 50 mph.
A Navy Blue Angel flying over our campfire and rocking his wings.


A military drone! That would be unnerving. I would be tempted to shoot at it.

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I’ve kayaked on a few sections of the Los Angeles River so dodging partially submerged grocery carts is a common thing.

Before it was illegal to kayak on the LA River because the US Army Corp of Engineers said it was dangerous and non-navigable waters. Then I was among the first 2,000 people to kayak on the LA River legally during the pilot program when guided. Now one can legally kayak sections of the LA River unguided.

Rock the Boat: trailer
Proving that the river is navigable waters and that the LA River should be open to the public


I wish I could pull such concise beauty off. Nah, tis more my own hemming and hawing way.

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That’s crazy! I’m not much for urban paddling, but at least in Houston people can paddle the bayous freely.

That would be wild. Get a front seat view of what an enemy combatant saw.

I’m not sure they are still there but in the 80s there were three nudist campgrounds along the lower Wisconsin River. Also there was another famous spot where very interesting (ahem) “parties” that involved large pairings of individuals. We did a Church canoe trip where we ran into very high headwinds and several church ladies got stranded on the beach there. They were not amused.


That one is a weiner . . .

. . . I mean a winner!

LOL! Yea, that wouldn’t go over too well if I was taking a church group, which is a lot of what I do. If you watch my youtube videos I’m sure you can tell it is somewhat of a ministry. My goal is to one day have a full time ministry taking people on trips. Maybe inner city kids who’ve never seen the stars. Hopefully, we can avoid the nudest colonies! :blush:

Turtle Bayou TX, nowhere near a road…

Spooky. I’d have preferred nudists.


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Sweet, a summer cottage.

Miss Frizzel and her Magjc School Bus? I’m the lucky owner if a school bus made around 1950. It sits between our barn and tractor shed and has not moved since the 1970s.

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Bus needs to be green.
RIP Paul Wellstone.

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