Strap Jacket Review

I loaded the twins on the car today, headed out to for their maiden voyage and got a chance to try the ‘Strap Jackets’ .

They worked great, very secure, and a nice clean look to them.

wow ! …
got them already ! good to hear they work …now i’ll order some up for me …thanks

Forgot the pic

Are these velcro or what?

A very heavy velcro.

I’d also add, 50 mile road trip and no slacking, or slips.

Are they the yellow bits?
Are your strap jackets the yellow part? Are they just being used to hold the strap ends?


The whole loose strap

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you roll them up and wrap the yellow velcro around them.

Here are some close-ups of them

Do they
Hold at 70-80mph?

Only had them to…
about 65, but see NO reason why they wouldn’t work well above that as long as you wrapped them tight as I did in the last set of pics.

Strap Jackets
Thanks for the info, think I will order several sets as I don’t want to biff up the new kayak hauler to much yet.