Strap marks on canoe bottom!!!

I noticed on the bottom of my canoes the nylon tie down straps are leaving marks! I know the bottom is going to get marks, scratches etc. eventually but…Anybody have any ideas for protecting the bottom of the canoe from the straps? Or should I just deal with it?



You must have gritty straps or poor
quality ones.

What brand are they and what is the material of the canoe?

I have canoes made out of every material except wood and never have had that problem.



What Jack said.
Put a lot of strapped miles on a lot of canoes. I transport a lot of canoes and kayaks. Only time had marks from straps was when dirt got under straps. The were also cheaper straps that seemed harder, more abrasive. Actually had more marks from ropes than from straps in the same conditions.



Soak em’ in fresh water
every so often ta clean em’. Wipin’ off dirt an’ sand from de hull waar de straps make contact before yer put on de straps will help too.


Tie downs
I’d also be wary of (or at least very careful with) the ratcheting type straps (as opposed to those with cam-locks). The ratchet straps can actually be tightened TOO much for some canoes, and that is certainly going to going to exacerbate the problem of leaving marks. But generally, I’d agree with those who say to look to the quality of your straps and to check if they have something on them. If you need new ones, the webbed nylon straps from NRS are excellent.

I’ve had them on some of my boats too.
I don’t think the brand name or type mattered, though possibly the dirtiness of the straps or boat or softness of the boat finish did matter.

How much is your boat moving?
Sounds like you have some boat movement issues while transporting. I’d examine that first.

This problem is as serious as the marks
left by the elastic band of one’s underpants.

Royalex Rash
Me’thinks they have a cream fer dat.


Yeah, you roll it on your forehead and
your headache about rub marks goes away…

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Are you leaving the canoe on the vehicle all the time? That'll do it.....

Tommas...those dirty rings!!! could you!...

Nother good strap source

I like using the thick bubble wrap you
get when you buy a new kayak.

Strapworks is great
If you order ratchet straps, they have them available with pads to go under the ratchet for like a dollar extra. Cheap protection.

straps, our life priority
DOnt worry about it…your boat is a tool.

Bugs on your windshield

Oil on your wrench

Grass Stains on your shoes…

who cares about these things when there are

people starving and not even getting cloths on their backs.

Paddle on!

foam pipe insulation
I use foam pipe insulation to protect both my truck and canoes, kayaks from strap and buckle damage. Cheap and fast.