strap organization

overstocked ?
NRS straps ? none better.

Seattle Fabrics for DIY using hardwood block for pushing SF’s needles thru poly.

1 grade better than NRS

almost there

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My Thule straps also have the rubber buckle cover that keeps the buckle from scratching your boat (or the car if you throw the strap over to the other side, like I do).

Rafters use the most straps. Some people roll them up and secure with a rubber band. I like to keep them in buckets. It is good if the different lengths have different colors and patterns. NRS straps are fine but they are all blue. There are now some companies that specialize in straps and can make slings and anything thing trick you want like cooler straps, etc.

strap throwing 101

put the cam in a tennis ball

too wide ? use a sock with stuffing…

we have a designated used broom handle and a stiff 8Ga hook.

Walmart sells boxes, lowest cost is in cardboard.

getting like stuff into a box next best to having 3 on hand…

Wal also sells colored 3M electrical tape…eg white

Store straps in recycled ziplock bags
I fold my straps in half, quickly roll, and shove in ziplock bags so they don’t tangle.

I also like straps with a rubber cushion around the buckle to spare the overly thin paint on my Subaru.

Wishin’ dem’s be made in USA
an’ not China though.


NRS straps
The cams always corroded on mine.

To store cam straps there’s a trick to rolling it up and using the cam to keep it all nice and neat. Something like folding almost in half but leaving an extra foot of over hang. Roll up starting where you folded in half, when you get to the tail pass it through where the cam connects but not the cam itself. You can then roll it back the other way and through the cam, using tension to keep it rolled up nice and neat.

A friend of mine learned a trick from a Japanese fisherman he once knew. He passed it on to me and I’ve come to love it.

Fold the strap in half. Fold it in half again. Keep them flat to each other and tie a single overhand knot in the middle.

I have attached hooks inside the topper of my truck just behind the passenger seat that they hang from. (I put the hooks where the hanging straps won’t be in my line of vision when looking over my shoulder doing lane changes.) I have one hook for each of the two sets of 12 footers I usually carry. No muss, no fuss, no tangles.

Ropes and helmet hang from hooks inside the topper behind the driver’s side.

I don’t hate that idea

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I have half a closet full of dead tennis balls.
I throw my straps in the trunk to let them dry out. Eventually I either use them again or throw them in the basement for awhile first.

3M 33
taped around a rolled strap pulled on n taped to the tape keeps the roll rolled

wax, wax with Teflon, bicycle and industrial conveyer gear lubes for vegetable processing are available a drop every use each side cam…Pedro’s is AAA

Finish Line wax with Teflon is super giving a solvent cleaning action before the liquid sets. Remarkable lubricity on cool sliding mechanisms eg bike cables in housings where a drop at each open end gets the line sliding


You could buy straps from Lodi Metals in Ohio, instead of those China-made ones.

Twice as strong and 50% cheaper. No fancy name to impress your paddling buddies in the parking lot, though.,000

Ah so!
I like that simple strap origami. I have bunches of spt (no longer made) wide soft straps with acetyl padded buckles. My usual is just to loop around my elbow to wrist like making a hank of line with the simple center wrap. Your method is more elegant and as quick. Thank you.

See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY

here we go again
because straps are so plentiful that people buy them based on the name.

I have a bunch of straps.
I have some in ziplock bags, some in nylon bags, and my favorites in a wad. They aren’t hard to untangle.

Daisy Chain
I just Daisy chain mine. Keeps them from getting tangled, takes little time to do and un-do.

that’s the way string
great minds think alike.

NRS has different colors listed

i do this with rope amd straps
When i take the boat of to paddle and toss them in the floor board.pervents fiddling with tangles and is quick. I roll my straps when storing them as stated in a post above, but the longer the strap the more time it takes to roll them up. Folding in half twice and tying an overhand knot is fast.

i do it like johnysmoke
They take up very little space, and nothing else is required.