Strap treatment

I have web straps on all of my kayaks which seem to get dried out and stiff. Has anyone found the best treatment product to clean and lubricate them with to make them slide and operate easier?

Web straps? On hatches?

Just wash them with dish soap & water.

And definitely don’t lubricate them!
Straps need friction to function correctly.

Rinse them frequently
Dirt, salt water, and other particles will make a strap stiff and therefore hard to pass through the cam buckles. The buckles should be kept clean regardless.

There’s nothing fancy about the cleaning. I rinse mine in fresh water after each saltwater or not-so-clean-lake paddle and hang to dry. If yours are really dirty, you may need to wash with detergent and water first, then soak in fresh water before hanging to dry.

While we’re on the subject of cleaning, how’re your spray skirt and PFD?!?