Stratos skeg cap repair

I nabbed a lightly abused Stratos from Craigslist and am starting to repair it. The skeg line near the jam cleat is popping out of its hole but I can’t tell if I should try to pry it back in or just seal around it. Action of skeg is flawless so far. Thoughts?

Just a dab of a 2-part 5 minute epoxy behind it, place it back in the hole, bam, fixed.
PS… where did you find that deal on the Stratos?

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Craigslist, it’s a mixed bag. Case in point now that I’m in the kayak, I’m finding that the two bulkheads have separated from the sides of the hull (as if the boat had been subtly squashed). My plan is to just go crazy with Lexel to fill the voids…

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I think I would use JB Weld plastic bonder epoxy. Regular epoxy doesn’t stick well to poly or nylon.