stress cracks in trylon hull...

…just noticed a series of cracks in my hull near the seat. They are shaped like the smile in a happy face and 2" to 3" long. They go the whole way thru but are not separated (YET!) Boat is a 2001 Hurricane Aquasports Santee that has seen only light use by only light people. Has anyone else seen this happen in non-abused trylon/airlite/carbonlite hulls & what can be done? I will contact Hurricane about it.

Yes, Hurricane is your first stop.
Maybe they baked it wrong. There is no “normal” condition under which you should be seeing cracks like that.

John,you cracked my Santee?
LOL. I never dreamed that Trilon could crack.I thought it was one piece of sheet plastic.

The river is getting lower so be sure and email me when you are going. The eagles should be flying at the islands.


yes, I’m kinda shocked too…
…took it out for the first time this year, first me & then wife, & when I was washing it afterwards I noticed the cracks. Don’t know if they formed over the winter or that day. I’m going to write to Hurricane & see what they say, but I’m hesitant to put it back in the water. The jury is still out on this product, so it will be interesting to hear their response.

I am very interested
in the company. I want a Tracer so I’m bring this back to the top to see if anyone else have anything to say. I am going to try one next week end and would like to see some more feedback on this.

they do not encourage email…
…so I sent a snail mail & may not hear back for quite some time. I am hoping to be educated about what caused this, what can be done about it (probably will get nothing more)& maybe help others to avoid it. I did store the boat outdoors with a cover & am thinking the temps would not have been any different in an unheated garage/shed. This is a relatively new product & I felt confident buying it (also have a Sonoma 13.5) but now I’m wondering if I have a boat I can still trust to float.

I called them
to find out where the closest dealer was. I talk to the owner. He seemed very helpful & friendly. I have also talked to several dealer who all have good things to say about them and there service. You might want to give them a call, it could be faster.

the only thing I can tell you…
…is they are a young company & had some delivery issues some time back that cost them some dealers (including my local outfitter). But with that behind them now, and a high quality product, I think their future looks bright (did you ask the owner if he was wearing sunglasses?)

I got an e-mail from
Hurricaine. I ask some dealer if the cracks were an isolated thing or if it was happening alot. Them talked to Hurricaine and Hurricane sent me a reply saying this has not happened before and they are awaiting contact from you.

They seemed to very interrested in what was going on. You might wait to give them a call and give them a chance to check it out.

Every dealer I have talked to has nothing but good things to say about their product as well as the dealer and customer service.

Please post the out come.