Stretching and Exercises Shoulder Rehab?

I’ve seen some pretty good links here before but can’t find them searching. Any body have some leads?

Keep Moving It, Gingerly…
If you didn’t dislocate it, probably just keep moving and rotating/stretching the arm – discomfort is okay, pain is not – to prevent the shoulder from locking up.

Strain my pec muscle couple of weeks ago from sparring. I must have been favoring something ‘cause my shoulder, right behind the strained pec, started hurting and getting stiff. Anyway, I been just stretching and rotating my arm slowly. Still a little sore but it’s much better – tho’ still stiffer than before. I figure another couple of weeks before it starts to feel normal (I hope).


The “master” of numerous strains and sprains…

I feel your pain…
I am back to about 95% after 4 months of PT exercises. I did a little self-diagnosis searching Pnet. It was helpful. I don’t have any specific links that I recall, but if you google "shoulder impingement,’ you should find some resources.

I was given a few exercises to do using an Xertube - a product I’ve come to appreciate a great deal. With a little imagination, you can use it to work on almost any muscle group.

I may have jumped the gun a bit, not knowing the exact nature of the problem, so please take with a grain of salt.

Hey sing, I fell on my shoulder 3 weeks
ago. The full impact was absorbed right at the point of the shoulder.I couldn’t move for 5 minutes. Still sore and has kept me up nights throbbing sometimes.I can’t get in to see my orthopedic doc until next week.Any advice ?

Hey, Not Your Doctor… But…

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When I was younger and in my 40's (jeeze, practically a "kid"), an opponent took me for an over-the-shoulder throw in a sparring match on a wood floor. I grabbed onto his neck and pulled him with me. I landed on my shoulder and he on top of me. Severe pain tho' I knew nothing was broken. I was out of training for a couple of weeks and went back to light training after that. Kept moving the arm as much I could stand and stretching. Took well over a month before I got back to normal.

Your mileage may vary, as mine has as I get older. Recovery takes longer. But, my approach is to move it (slowly and gingerly) or lose it.

Good that you're seeing a doctor. If you don't have a good awareness of your body -- sensations and pain associate with strains, sprains and broken bones -- best to get it checked out by a pro.


Good info
Check out this link, it has some very good info and a lot of specific exercises.

I coach a junior sprint kayak team (9-15yrs old), and I have them do many of these 2-3xweek. Hopefully , they will not grow up with as many “old injury” problems.


Thanks; Nothing broken, just a heck
of a lick, luckily cushuioned by a carpet with a wood floor under it.

58 & no shoulder problems
after 26 years marathon kayak paddling. Avoid pullovers on bench & upright rows. One arm barbell side press is great for rot. cuff muscles & stabilizers. Start with small barbell, then build up to 7’ bar (low reps). Lat stabilizes the shoulder. Good luck.