Strictly for fun

I’m thinking about going to a PARTY termed the “Hillbilly Hoedown”! As far as I am concerned it will be strictly for fun.

The rules:


#2-Cowboy Hat & Boots must be worn at all times during float.

#3-No commercialized floating craft. Homeade floating contraptions and decorated pool toys only!

I’m looking for a little assistance in creating my own unique “handmade contraption”

Any of you experienced kayakers/do it yourselfers have any ideas?

I’ve got a couple of months to create my “craft”. My goal is to spend very little or no cash.

Contraption must be able to sustain 4-5 miles of class II water.

Ok boys and girls. Fire away (if you like).


Blow up doll ?
Just lay on it like a pool raft, it should be pretty fun to watch !

Since when did "hillbillys"
wear cowboy boots and cowboy hats?


a friend
Wearing a drysuit.

Would it be considered a “tandem”?

old oil drum
Just make sure you preassure wash it first.

Great idea
Cheap inflatable pool toys, moving water, and cowboy boots. Don’t forget the beer! And bring your cats, too.

So… how would I keep an old oil drum from tipping over?

Definitely will be plenty of beer on hand.

Who came up with Rule #2?

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Cowboy boots and cowbow hats are associated with Hillbillies? That's pretty far off the mark, doncha think?

"Mister, I LOVE the way you wear that hat."

(Long pause, takes off hat, looks at it, puts it on again) "You don't know nuthin."

Maybe a plank or two spanning a gap between a pair of 55-gallon drums would do the trick.

that’s pretty funny

I had nothing to do with making up the rules… I’m just going along for the ride.

A Nuclear Bomb

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ala Slim Pickens:

Yee-haaa ...!


I just don’t want
anyone to tell me that I have a purty mouth !

Floating fortress
One of those inflatable trampoline/bouncy thingys or a bounce-house as a base platform. Don’t forget the beer filled mega-squirt guns to repel any boarders!

Make a raft out of PFDs
they ain’t good for nuttin’ else.

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