String's Folly or Merry Christmas to me?

Picked up my latest kayak yesterday. It is still on the truck with the cover on it.
Bought from a reputable source ,
sight unseen but with multiple photos.
I’ve done this twice before with good results but sold one to a p.nutter and the other to my brother. This one is my most expensive. I really struggled over buying it . Probably wouldn’t had my wife not continued to encourage me.
I won’t be able to answer my question until spring.
I bought it from Marshall who arranged the delivery. The whole process was very smooth. John, the delivery guy, was great to work with.


I look forward too seeing it when we next paddle together.

That’s awesome! Your fellow paddlers will be following your wake come spring.

Merry Christmas! :christmas_tree:

I look forward to paddling it, and hopefully staying in it.


Merry Christmas to you!

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Hubba hubba!

I’d for sure fall out of it but I will take the truck. I had an 00 Tundra that finally rusted out after 400,000 miles

The truck is a 2001. Runs like a new one. We don’t do rust down here. No salt on the roads.

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Congratulations! That’s a nice looking boat.

Merry Christmas, String!

Beautiful boat. I’ll be interested to hear your reviews and how it compares to the Rapidfire and Wenonah Voyager you had.

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Tom, I’m a contradiction in boats. Luckily I have a patient wife and I’ve seldom lost $$ on them. I buy used or demos when I can and take care of them.
I have searched for years for the boat my disaster of a back will tolerate. I have 2 , a Tarpon 160 and a Pungo 140. I hope this one meets the criteria.
The boats you mentioned were great.
I’m glad I never traded wives like I have boats.


Merry Christmas!

My wife is curious about this S14 with “comfort package”. Please let us know when you try it out.

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I will. Probably near the end of March.

I hear that Stellar boats are especially prone to dry rot unless frequently exposed to water, preferentially salty. Am happy to offer boat preservation services until spring.

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Andy ,that is such a generous offer! If I get that close to the coast , I won’t need a surrogate paddler.

No, but soon. Little things like a wicked gut virus followed by a small heart issue, combined with a lot of wind. It’s been scheduled several times and cancelled.
Scheduled for Thursday.

Yep. Just read the getting old thread, after typing the question. Hope it all goes well, with the health and paddling.


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