Strip built canoe

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I took a look at this canoe today, and decided it wasn't a good fit for me, but thought I'd post the photo's I took in case anyone else is interested. If you are, email me and I'll send you the owners email address. He wants $275. for it. Bottom of the canoe has a serious ding in it. It's 14-15 feet long and about 40" wide.


Ah’d pass up on dat one me’self…


It just needs a little TLC
I noticed it was next to a fire pit. Is a (piece at a time) Viking funeral in the near future?

But Elmo…
It’ll carry a few coolers!

For 275,
I can buy three cords of good firewood - without the added synthetics.

They finally found the ark !
jack L

That canoe…

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That canoe qualifies for my "you'd have to pay me to take it" category.
Somebody may see a diamond in the rough; all I see is a piece of trash.


"Bottom of the canoe has a serious ding in it"

Worse than the top??

FatElmo’s OTCA didn’t look that bad to start.

It has a brother

In my backyard sits its brother, and it was $10.

At a WCHA auction, they had an unseen woodstrip canoe. They kept it outback of the auction tent on purpose. The auctioneer could not get a starting bid of $100, or $50, or $25. He said" who will give $10 to get this started?"

When i put up my number, he yelled “SOLD!” and i got the canoe. It turns out this canoe was donated for the auction years before and everyone who bought it,brought it back the next year and put it up for auction.

It looks like a twin to your photos, hull wise. Maybe off the same forms. Better seats though, and a lot less damage. If you want it, i can save you $265. And i will deliver it! The WCHA won’t take it for auction again.