Strip built hull question.

My 2 composite canoes look like the hull is reinforced down the middle where any load, including me, is going to put the most pressure. Do strip built boats have this reinforecement?

they can

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Depending on the design, it might either be an added strip just for extra strength/abrassion resistence or it might be the parting line of a 2-piece mold.

It you build a stripper, simply add the extra fiberglass you want! That's the beauty of building your can customize any way you want.

The canoes are given extra layers of fiberglass in the bottom to strengthen against something hitting the outside of the hull(rock), not to support the weight of the people or load on the inside. As long as there is water under the hull pushing back up, your weight walking around in the boat puts very little stress on the hull. If your canoe lands hard on a rock there is nothing on the inside of the canoe pushing back out(except that extra reinforcement you noticed). Canoes rarely break from the inside out.

Wood strip canoes can be made with any schedule of glass layup. I usually double the layers below the waterline on the inside.

My stripper
I built mine to take some abuse. The exterior has a 6 oz strip of tape running down the keel, a full layer of 6oz, and an extra layer of 4 oz tight weave on the football. The last layer is coated with epoxy/graphite/silica mix for abrasion resistance.

With a decent design you will not need the reinforcing for oilcanning. Then it simply becomes an exercise in how much abuse you are going to give it. My solo has one layer of 4 oz glass on the out side, 4 oz in the front inside and 2 oz rear inside. most of the wood is well under .250. Some of my strips were about .125 thick and I have not seen any flex. Admitadly I get in and out with wet feet but look at your design before you throw any extra wieght at the problem.

Thanks . Iā€™m getting excited about
this project as the days get cooler.

which one
Have you decided on which canoe you are going to build?

The Osprey , designed by John