Strip Built Kayaks

Has anybody built a kayak from Nick Schade’s book? I’ve finished drawing the forms for the Guillemot, seemed pretty straight forward. Any problems with the rest of the building processes ?

Thanks for any comments and help


I built this boat about 5 years ago. Really like it. I had a problem getting the deck strips to lie properly at the bow and had to cut them off about 6 inches from the end and substituted a solid piece of wood. Do some research on the proper height for the cockpit combing as I have trouble getting a spray skirt to fit.

and there isn’t a manufactured kayak in existence that can match the satisfaction of having a boat that you built with your own hands.

You will find numerous obstacles lie ahead of you in your endeavour but all can be overcome with patience and study.

I recommend you go to this forum - - and study the archives with various keyword searches. There is a plethora of information there. Additionally, you will find the forum participants a friendly and helpful bunch. The boatbuilding community is a tight group and you will not experience any difficulty that others have not faced before.

Look forward to seeing you there.

Pleasant waters to ya.


I second everything Holmes just posted.

I hope to have one of Nick Schade’s designs (hybrid Night Heron)in the water by next weekend. Building this boat (and I am already planning the next one),has been the most rewarding and enjoyable experience I can recall.

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