Strip built solo canoe.

Can anyone recommend a kit for a strip built solo canoe?

Northwest canoe shop sells the books, plans and if you want they might even sell you the strips. I built one last winter and was very pleased with the service. Nice people and almost as opinionated as i am…

couple more sources

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Classic Boat Kits sells kits for boats designed by a couple of other well-known folks:

Newfound is another company that sells kits

Noah's also sells kits

And White Salmon. I haven't heard much about them, but the information on their website makes it sound like they put out a quality kit.

I think there may be a couple more outfits that sell kits. Hopefully someone will chip in with info on them. The top three and Northwest are probably the best known.


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or Laughing Loon Solo Portage?

Carrying Place
These folks have kits and a couple of good looking solo plans.

Thanks everyone!
I’m getting the itch to build and yesterday paddled an Artic Tern High kayak. In 5 minutes my back once again informed me that it does not like kayaks.

Solo canoes and your back
I paddle a solo canoe vs. a kayak for several reasons. Back comfort is one of them. One of the last times I saw my orthopedic surgeon and friend who is also a paddler, I asked him about kneeling vs. sitting. He confirmed what my back had taught me: kneeling is much easier on your back than sitting. If you hear people say that kneeling is bad or hard on your knees, don’t categorically accept this. Kneeling has some drawbacks but they are lesser, in my opinion, than those of sitting. If you kneel, I strongly recommend a foam pedistal. Most of your weight will be on you butt.

Re the boat choice, I have paddled the Osprey numbers of times. It is a very good boat. I have not paddled the others for comparison. I think you should decide how much turning vs. tracking you want. The Osprey is a rather manoeverable boat.