strip kayak models

Anyone know of a source that sells strip wood kayak models (like 12" model kits)?

Thanks !

You might want to also post this question at:

I know there are folks on that site who have built strip models…

Chesapeake Lightcraft
Try in their Boats, Accessories and Building Supplies section.

CLC’s are stitch and glue, not strip built.

strip kit suppliers

I read too fast, those links are for 12’ strip canoes not 12" models.

hey dreimers
How ya doing these days? When can you paddle again? Can you do an easy Armand bayou paddle? We can do a tandem canoe if that would be good for ya.

try this

Redfish Kayaks-awesome boats from
Joe Greenley. :slight_smile:

Thanks to all !


Can’t go just yet. Had surgery and am still recovering but doing great.


The website sells 10 canoe and kayak model kits, ranging from 24" long up to 72". Wood strip, stitch and glue and skin kayak. Very realistic made with quality wood. Choices of Mahogany , Red Cedar, Alaskan Yellow Cedar parts. Easy to build using basic woodworking hand tools. Learn any of the construction techniques from building the kits. Just like the real thing. Step by step videos, galleries of customers completed models, great service, economical and fast shipping and support. Been around a long time.