stripe built builders question?

How many builders do we have on this board?

I am wondering about the side effects of building the stations (formes) on 13 inch centers instead of 12 inch centers?

I would make then 12.99 or 12.75 NK

also how is your outrigger paddle coming Patrick?

Want to make the boat longer?
Usually the problems about fair curves occur when you shorten a boat. You should be fine. As far as how the boat will handle etc. Anybody’s guess. It will float higher, be a bit faster, track stronger etc.

Not Kidding.
Did some balsa blades over the summer. No carbon out of respect for Bob. The best which cannot be improved upon.

you suggest I start at 13 in the middle then step down the spacing as I get closer to the stems?

Changing the station spacing
is done all the time to “design” a new boat based on an existing design. Sometime a new center station (larger than the original) is added. Occasionally, the existing center station is eliminated altogether, to make a smaller boat. The spacing of the remaining stations must be adjusted accordingly.

When adjusting the station spacing use a series of long, straight grained battens to test for a fair curve. You’ll need to test in several locations from the sheer line to the keel line to be sure there are no “hard” or “flat” spots.

I’ve been told by both builders and designers that some popular series of boats have been developed using this method. I’ve developed several boat designs using this method along with other tweaking of existing stations.

Marc Ornstein

Dogpaddle Canoe Works

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What design are you talking about and why do you want it longer?

Bill H.

Passage solo
From the northwest canoe shop. It look s like squashed Magic. I figure if I stretch it out to the 16 feet of the bell magic I could still race it down here as stock and be slightly more competitive then a 15 foot boat. I know that the last Bruce Kunz designed canoe I made handled chop, wind and rear quartering waves well. I hope this will give me a little more speed and still handle the snotty water of Lake Norman.

couple of things
First if you change it by more than about 5% it’ll usually end up with characteristics unlike the orriginal but this means you change all the dimmensions by the same amount.

If you only change one dimmension it’ll most likely have much different characteristics.

I’d ask the designer what he thinks.

Bill H.

I could. I am under the impression that Mr. Kunz has passed away.

I think you’ll get away with it.