Stripping Paint

I recently purchased a camo painted kayak. It was peeling, so I pressure washed it. Most of the paint came off, but some paint hasn’t. I don’t know what chemicals or substances would work. I’ve tried goop which failed, and I couldn’t get dot 3 brake fluid to work. Any suggestions? I’m just trying to strip it down to its original paint.

what material?
What material was used to manufacture that kayak

Options - polyethylene, fiberglass, or something else.

citrus stripper
Have you tried citrus stripper?

It was polyethylene. I haven’t tried citrus stripper, what is that?


Timely question - just finished removing the paing off an old canoe using this exact product. Worked very well. It comes in a plastic jug so naturally, it is safe for some plastics. Is it safe for your boat? I guess you got to try… It appears safe for fiberglass and epoxy and gel coat - it had no effect on these on the canoe.

Need to use in the shade and in a cool place. If you let it dry the paint again becomes harder to remove.

Thank You
Thank you all! I just purchased the Citrus Stripper and it works like a charm. All I had to do was apply it onto the paint, let it set, then pressure wash it and literally the paint peeled off. It worked. THANKS!