Strips of sandpaper or rubber for grip?

I have a Mad River Adventure 16 and was thinking of putting some strips of adhesive sandpaper or rubber on the floor to reduce foot slippage while moving around and standing while fishing, when wet, etc.

Anyone do this? Can you recommend a good product?


Shower stickers
They are available in wavy strips, flowers , and even fish shapes. Most common color is white but I have seen other colors.

Re: Shower stickers
Great idea. Thanks.

Marine Supply Stores…
…sell non-skid adhesive backed strips in various widths. We use them on the steps of our sailboat, and they last forever. They also work well.

bring a towel…

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Why not just put down a piece of non-slick foam(can always be secured to hull floor in various ways you want)...or just take off the wet things that won't hold traction and get something on that does...while in.

wing walk
I have used some of the wing walk material they make for airplane wings. I think I got mine from Aircraft Spruce.

Adhesive backed stair treads worked
for me, before I started installing Wenonah aluminum sliding foot braces.

also this …
From sailing days - a layer of epoxy and some sand.

Biggest drawback - very permanent :frowning:

Here you go: That’s just one option, and I guess you’d want their H2O tape. I just buy whatever is on the roll at West Marine.