Stroke Kayaks - anyone own one?

Has anyone ever heard of a kayak manufacturer called Stroke? I’m considering their single SOT but couldn’t find any reviews.

Thanks - Richard

Looks like cheap chinese s__t.
There are several companies in China that crank out similar models and sell them to big box stores and fly by night internet sellers. There is no physical location on the webpage. I would give it a broad berth and look into a kayak from Ocean Kayak or Cobra Kayaks or if you want a fast SOT some of the RTM or South African SOTs. This boat looks like a toy with the strange plastic thing sticking up near the feet and the see through window in the bottom.

It does look questionable. I have limited storage (condo) and was looking for something smaller (10’) for my wife. Seems like there are lots of better options. Thanks for the quick reply.

looks like a giant woman’s shoe

If limited to short coastal paddles
and you are looking at less than 10 ft. The good old Ocean Kayak Frenzy is a decent SOT, as is the Cobra Strike, the latter made for surfing but it works well for coastal paddles if you are not worried about keeping up with long boats.