Stroke Rate: iPaddle / SpeedCoach Mobile

Has anyone tried either the SpeedCoach Mobile or ipaddle? Do the properly count stroke rate?

No, But Used Boat Coach For Droids
Until the excellent tracking feature was discontinued.

Re: Stroke Rate: SpeedCoach Mobile
Hi - I’m the developer of the SpeedCoach Mobile app, which is now called “CrewNerd” (it’s a long story).

I’m not a paddler, myself, but when I was developing the app, I got some help from Peter Newton, a former US National Team member (sprint kayak & canoe). With his help, I was able to capture high-quality acceleration data at a variety of stroke rates & pressure levels. Because rowing, kayaking and canoeing have very different stroke rate ranges and acceleration levels, the app lets you select your activity so it can tune the stroke detection algorithm accordingly.

There’s also an advanced setting that lets you change the stroke rate sensitivity, so that more recreational rowers can reduce the amount of acceleration required to register a stroke.

CrewNerd is available on both iOS and Android, and there’s a free trial option on both, so you can try the application out under real conditions before you buy (on iOS, see the “CrewNerd Lite” app for the free trial).

I hope this helps. If you have any questions, please contact us at


Tony Andrews

Performance Phones, LLC

Hello Tony,

Thanks for your replay.

Some background: I solely paddle Olympic kayaks for recreational purposes and some races. After “a long time” of trial and error, I successfully adapted a SpeedCoach to my kayak rotating seat to read stroke rate very well, so I really understand how complicated is to capture the “kayak stroke” vs. “rowing stroke”

Anyway, how accurate is the reading at high/short kayak stroke rate? I did tried another app and I wasn’t very convinced…

Thanks again!


I haven’t tried CrewNerd but it looks interesting and quite inexpensive as compared to dedicated cadence sensors. I’m using the Vaaka cadence sensor with my Garmin Forerunner 310XT and it been completely reliable in the year I have had it; works extremely well.

Greg Stamer

effective ?
is generalizing possible ? that paddlers using electronic aids are faster than paddlers who are not or is every competitive paddler using an electronic metronome ?

For Around $10.00 and a ZipLock Bag
The cheap compact musical metronomes are just as good.


Thanks for the reminder, that’s a good option…