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I’m looking for a how to video that covers the canoe forward stroke (marathon style), or, someone in NC that would be interested in working with me on this. I’m a seakayaker converting to a single blade.

I’m planning to compete in the Watertribe Florida Ultimate Challenge next March. After completing two Everglades Challenges it was clear to me that a Kruger Canoe offered the best chance at finishing. Mark has lent me his Dreamcatcher, and I just got back from a Michigan trip with him where I picked up the boat and learned to paddle it with a single blade.

As I train, I’d like to continue working on technique and need some experienced help. Anyone interested, or any video suggestions?



Get a copy of …
“Long Distance Canoe Racing Technique & Training”

by Mike and Tanna Tries.

Where in NC are you?

If you are any where near Salisbury you can borrow my copy.

You might want to consider the Lumber River 40 miler that is coming up in October.

There will be some hard core marathon canoe racers as well as kayakers there, and they delight in having there brains picked and will be glad to critique you.

You are going to have to do a heck of a lot of paddling if you are switching from kayaking to marathon canoe racing and starting from scratch and want to be ready for a race that long, that soon.



canoe stroke
Thanks, I’m in Chapel Hill. I’ll look around to see if that book is available to purchase. I did order a book “Canoe Racing: The Competitor’s Guide to Marathon and Downriver Canoe Racing” by Peter Heed, and I’m looking for a video.

I’ve done the Lumber River 40 before in a kayak, this year I’m planning to do the Suwannee River 50 mid October, not sure I should do both, until I feel better about my technique, I don’t want to risk injury.


I should have said…
.it is a video, not a book.

What year did you do the Lumber River 40 miler?

Last year it was called off due to high water from the hurricanes.

If it was the year before last, we must have been on the starting line together.

My wife and I raced our C-2 Cruiser.

That was the year two sisters that had done the Texas Water Safari went on the wrong side of the Island near the finish, missed it and went another five miles down river before checking their GPS and hitching a ride back from some fishermen.



Suwannee Race
I did it the year before you did, there were 3 of us in regualr seakayaks, we came in last, but still before dark. At 20 miles we stopped for a 30 minute picnic and rest, not to serious about racing, just wanting to finish it. The water level was so low that year I was out of my boat at least 8 times walking over shallow areas and logs.

I just ordered a video on canoe racing too, I think a video will be more helpful.

You might consider the Suwannee River Race in Ga, it’s only about an 8 mile drive for me. Supposed to be lots of fun.


I heard about that year.
Baldpaddler said he pulled through mud as much as he paddled.

Tell me more about the Suawanee Race.

When? Where? Distance? Etc?



Suwannee Race
The Suwannee River Race in Georgia, Oct 15th, see


Do you know off hand…
If they have any kind of shuttle service?

In the Lumber River 40 miler they do a shuttle prior to the start. You leave your boat at the start, take your vehicle to the finish and they will drive you back to the start.