Strong but temporary glue?

For gluing plastic on plastic, is there a glue that would be strong but that would permit the parts to be separated at a later date without too much effort or damage? This is for a seat support as there is a chance that the seat will only be temporary.

Strong - Yup!
Tempoorary - Yup!

Strong an’ tempoorary - reckon’ not fer plastics. None dat ah’ knows of anywho fer wat ya want ta do. SS bolts an’ nuts iffin’ yer care ta drill holes.


Excellent idea
I didn’t think of drilling a hole right through the bottom of the kayak to bolt the seat in. I like that. I’m going to try it.

Seat hangers

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usually be attached up near de coamin' on de deck an' not in de lower hull, ain't they?


Is the hull polyethylene, or
polycarbonate, or what?

If it’s polyethylene, few glues stick well to it, and those that do are hard to dislodge later.

Does the bottom of your possibly temporary seat fit tight to the boat contour, or with gaps?

Don’t kid us about drilling the hull.

No they ain’t
Some slide on a rail in the bottom. Some very smart people cut things out of kayaks, change their minds, need to glue them back in again.

If Elmo tells me to drill I’m going to drill. He’s never been wrong yet.

This is a rail that the seat slides along. I need to glue a strip of plastic about 5" x 20" x 1/8" but I’m not fully committed to this seat and rail.

Wouldn’t Lexel or similar that are used to glue foam bulkheads in plastic kayaks work? Can be scraped off later, I imagine, will be strong enough to keep it in place long enough to figure out if you like it.

I’d be hesitant to drill through the hull bottom to install a seat, if that’s what you have in mind, but it’s your boat (I presume) so whatever makes you happy -:wink:

Just don’t drill below the water line.
As for Fat Elmo, I long ago stopped trying to read most of what he writes. Pigeon English.

Yer missin’ some mighty

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fine gibberish then, Pilgrim!

Mingos, Joiseyites an' pigeons understand me real good.

Oh lordy, lordy! Wait! Maybe dis here belongs in de "Discussion" forum instead - ah's so ashamed! :>}


floor boards?
I interpret the question as how to temporarily mount a seat in a kayak.

Does the kayak have bulkheads? I’m thinking you can mount your seat on 4 slim boards that you lay on the bottom of the kayak. You could try this: cut boards a little longer than half the length of the cockpit, 4 in total. The boards will overlap and eventually you would fasten them together at the overlap, the result being a pair of floor “stringers” running the length of the cockpit. Fasten your seat to these stringers.

The seat/boards will just be loose in the bottom of the boat, but once you sit on the seat and apply your feet to the footpegs, I think the seat would be tight enough to paddle. If you have side to side wobble, stuff some minicell in.

Just trying to think of something you could try.


Double sided tape
Home Depot sells a double-sided tape rated for outdoor use. It’s foam about 1/16" thick with adhesive on both sides. I used it to hold a foam seat in a SOF - it lasted quite a while, and could be peeled up easily afterward. I initially bought it to test the position of the seat thinking I would attach it permanently later on, but found I didn’t need to. Because you’re sitting on the seat, it doesn’t need a huge amount of holding power to stay in place. It’s worth a try before drilling a hole in a perfectly good boat…

I would never do that
There have to be other options than drilling holes in the bottom of a poly boat.

That might work
I was thinking that Velcro might work also.

I was kidding about drilling holes in the kayak, good grief.

I have found that some seats don’t need to be glued into the kayak at all, as long as they’re held in by a strap somewhere to prevent them from floating away. I actually really like being able to slide a seat forward and back at will to adjust my position for comfort or for entering and exiting. My current kayak and my last one had a detached seat and I never had any problems at all. This depends, though, on having something soft under the seat. I put a piece of 1/4" closed-cell foam in the bottom to protect the kayak from a hard plastic seat.

My concern is maintaining the resale value of a kayak.

The tape should come off with no damage - after it had been in use for a year or so, I was able to roll it off with my fingertips. A roll is less than $10 so an inexpensive experiment.

McMaster-Carr sells marine-grade hook and loop strips and sheets (Velcro) with adhesive backing. That would allow you to reposition the seat, but don’t know how permanent the adhesive would be, it’s kind of expensive too.

Sarcasm works better if it’s justified

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Since there was nothing in your original post to indicate exactly where this seat-mounting attachment is located (don't some parts of some seat hardware sometimes attach to the coaming?), and since your first answer was from a canoe guy who probably wouldn't have a clear picture of YOUR particular seat in mind, it was really way too late in the game to start cracking jokes. Better for YOU to be clear from the start than to ridicule someone ELSE for a suggestion that in some other reasonable situation would have merit. And why lay on with that additional insult (below), "he's never been wrong yet", when his posts are all about humor and never convey the idea that his advice is best? That's another misuse of sarcasm.

I have installed adjustable foot pegs (15" track) in my pack canoes by screwing the track to a thin piece of cedar which had been shaped to fit the curve of the hull. both the inside of the hull and the cedar then got 2" wide velcro (sew-on type from Walmart) applied with contact cement. The foot pegs are removable, adjustable (aside from the track) within the limits of the velcro, and there are no holes in the boat. I can’t say what will happen if I decided I wanted it all to disappear; the contact cement might be pretty tenacious, but so far I’m happy.

Sorry you took that for sarcasm
Both of the posts you refer to were 100% intended to be humorous and I’m betting that FE took it that way.

I didn’t give more information about the intended use because my question was simply about glue and plastic.

he’s right

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No one else but you seem to know whether you were serious, or not. Completely your prerogative but if you want the most effective input it's good to be clear and concise.

Ya made me cry!