Strong Sea Kayaks

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I own two kayaks: a long 21' double and an 18.3' single. I will also be getting a shorter 14' kayak. They will not fit in my garage due to length. I can fit them under an awning contraption on the side of my garage, but that won't prevent theft and general exposure to the elements - it will help with sun, however. I've been thinking of getting the Talic type boat storage brackets, but that won't address how I can cover them. Any creative ideas on how I can either build a simple shelter of some kind and/or incorporate some kind of kayak-specific storage bracket with a cover of some kind?

Have you thought of hanging them on the wall at an angle. I don’t think it would take too much of an angle to get the run length donwn from 21’ to something a lot less. Maybe if you’re shy on wall space hang the 14’ one.


Storage on fence

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I have two inexpensive kayaks stored in a locked side yard hanging on straps against a fence. The kayaks are locked with a thick cable to an eye set in cement in the ground. I made a sun cover by attaching half of a 16' heavy duty UV proof tarp onto a 17 foot length of 1X2" lumber (joined and reinforced in the middle) . The stringer has holes drilled on the ends which fit over bolts pointing straight up. Some strategically spaced eyelets on the tarp have cord attached to them that I use to tie down the tarp to cleats on the fence. The kayak hangs in a cradel made of about 6' of two 1 and 1/2" nylon straps that are attached to special clipping carbiners I bought at home depot. I just slide the straps around the bow and stern of the kayak and lift up and attach the clipping carbiners to eyelets attached to a stringer on the fence. I have the advantage that this is in a pretty secure, sheltered location, in a very shady area and the weather is mild here. Tarps are very good and would block full sun if needed. Also to get to the kayaks a thief would have to deal with locked gates or dealing with my neighbor's dogs (these dogs are so mean they jump and try to bite me while I am touching the fence.) Not worth it to steal two plastic SOTs. Most importantly it passed the asthetic requirements of SHE WHO MUST BE OBEYED, since we remodeled our patio and back yard and visible kayaks are not permitted by either her or our HOA. Good luck.

take a look at my setup

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just finished updating this design inside a new barn with a supersized pool noodles for cushions but it should work for you and you could use them at angles like suggested above to get better use of your shorter space. you could just tie a line to the front of the boats (high side) for security. these are VERY sturdy. It's 1/2 inch galvanized water pipe 12", a 45 elbow, and a 4" piece. I used a floor flange to mount to the boards with 3" wood screws. caps are optional. about $15 per boat and fully customizable if you don't need 12", get 10"...etc.

good luck
click on kayak rack if more questions.

Nice Rack!
Wow … Now that’s the simplist design I’ve seen yet. Sure beats $50+ for a pair of bent metal pipes with some foam on them. Thanks for sharing. Bob

Have something similar
I bought some brackets with foam on them. Perfect for kayaks only cost $15 a pair. Home Depot, Ace and Chase Putcken has them. I now have a kayak trailer and most of my boats go on that now.

I have thought of having a shed type building on the side of my garage. It would have three racks for boats. They would slide in and out the long way. Kind of like a long drawer. Some lawn mower wheels would allow the drawer to slide freely in and out. Legs would drop down to give it support when pulled out.

Well thats my vision.

Good luck and let us know what you come up with.


Good suggestions
Thanks for the tips - good suggestions!

How about this
Not sure how much property you have but how about a simply trunk out of wood? WHat I mean is…purchase a few 4X4’s for the base, plywood for the walls and sides and top and a hidge for the top latch and you have a kayak storage box. Its something similar to those that you see in garden stores out of fiberglass, with a lock on the top, it swings open and you can make it in about a few hours…just place a hinge on the top and you’ve got it. This way, its out of the way, out of the sun and out of the elements…its also locked up and you can custmom make it to your required size…happy paddling!


For a totally different solution…
have you considered going to foldable kayaks that would store inside and not take up as much space? The brand that would be closest to hardshell kayaks in performance would be Feathercraft. I have a Klepper, which is also an excellent boat, although it is slower. Long Haul makes an updated version of the Klepper that is competitively priced and extremely high quality too. Other good, but less expensive foldable brands include Nautiraid and Folbot.

Just a thought. I do like my Millenium somewhat better than my Klepper, but if a suitable boat would not fit inside my garage, I could be very happy just owning folders.