Structural hairs fouling main valve on Airis Play 9.5 Kayak

Hi. I bought a used Airis Play 9.5 and the main valve leaks. I bought a replacement valve, but the problem is the structural hairs inside interfere with valve. The inside base has dropped away, and though I can maneuver it into place, I can’t seem to get all of the hairs out of the way through the tight opening. I’m beginning to think I’ll have to enlarge the opening by peeling away the valve seat then extract the base, put everything together then glue the lot back in. Even if I do this, I’m concerned there may be broken hairs inside that will further interfere with the valve opening. I wonder if trimming away some of the hairs around the valve is necessary, realising this compromises the structure somewhat. Any advice much welcome. I’m in Brisbane, Australia and would also welcome you pointing me to a repair service. Many thanks. Guy