Stuck Zipper

I have a pair of neoprene boots that I don’t use a lot but want to for an upcoming trip. Damn if the zippers on both boots are stuck! There seems to be a white deposit around the zipper and the teeth. I’ve soaked them and tried a few different things, mazola oil. Now I mostly swear at them! I’m hesitant to use something petrolum based as I don’t know what that would do to the neoprene. Any suggestions out there? I’d hate to toss a perfectly good pair of boots cause the damn zippers are stuck!


Try some silicon lubricant
Jack L

have ya tried…
…pouring or soaking them with Coca-Cola?

Been In The Salt?
I get white salt deposits in the zipper if I forget to rinse gear (booties, geat bags, etc) with warm water when I get back in. Try removing some of the deposit with a toothpick, paper clip, etc. Spray a little W2. Grab hold with a plier and pull… Most times, it’ll free up and then you can remove the rest of the deposit with hot water and a brush. Lubricate with silicone afterwards.

Of course, I also broke a zipper right off with a plier pull. It was too far gone without attention.


No Salt
That’s what is so odd about the white deposits. I’ll give some of these suggestions a try. Many thanks.

Take a super close up look to see if
its the backing flange that is 'welded; to the zipper, not the zipper to itself …

Grap both ends of the entire zipper and surrounding material itself and pull for all your worth. Twist and wind it up … Fabric and zipper will handle this, stuff that binds it up cannot and will ‘break away’ so to speak.

THEN go about forcing the thing : ) Bet it comes right out to work … only other thing to hold it up is corrosion if its metal, then soak in Simple green and micro move it 'till it comes loose >>> Or Bug Spray / some kind of solvent. Here wiggle it around in 303 / or dishwashing soap. If plastic and welded, those teeth might always be a problem but usually the teeth are less strong than the zipper itself so no worries, just be careful from now on over these unless the thing is stuck in the standard closed/working position

onnopaddle, Did what you suggested and as Sing suggested. Twisted like a MF on the zipper, the inside lining then took a pair of plyers and gave a mighty yank or 10. Almost hit myself in the face when it gave way! From here I can clean out the out that whole section of the boat zipper with a brush and some kind of cleaner.

From the looks of it it’s built up pollen(?) that got wet and dried. Very yellowish in color. It’s been a heavy year for pollen but hell they have been sitting for sometime now.

Many thanks for all the suggestions and am glad to have a pair of river shoes again. Always glad for this excellent source of info even for something as mundane as a zipper.



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