stuff sack for sleeping bad

what size do I need and what brand tickles your fancy? Thanks for your time. Oh, by the way, I am going to stuff it into a Gulfstream kayak.

sorry, make that sleeping bag

depends on sleeping bag
I like the granite gear compression sacks for my sleeping bags. One uses a medium and one uses a small. Just depends on the bag. Nice to compress bag for paddling trips to make more room. Not waterproof but can put inside a dry bag if you are worried or line the compression sack with a small garbage bag.

There are a number of compression bags
that are dry bags as well. Seakayaker reviewed four brands a couple of issues ago. I have an Event bag by Sea to Summit. It’s a size large which works well for my synthetic bag.


OR dry sack
I’ve used the granite gear compression sack and haven’t had a problem, but a friend of mine who is a backpacker said that the granite gear compression sacks will leak if sitting in water. She has conducted some product reviews and really follows backpacking gear. She told me about the OR dry sacks ( I recently bought one and used it on an overnight paddling trip. It seems a bit more substantial than the granite gear compression bag type dry sack. The material seems thicker and less likely to tear or leak.


Second the OR dry sack
I’ve been using one for a couple of seasons and I’m very happy with it. The material is still like new and it hasn’t leaked, in spite of some water in the hatch once from a major thrashing in the surf.

Sea to Summit eVent!!!
It is a roll top compression dry sack that is waterproof and breathable. It is far more breathable than anything Gore-Tex.

Basically you stuff the bag in the sack, roll the top down like a normal dry bag and THEN compress it like a normal compression sack. The air passes through the eVent fabric so you don’t have to ‘burp’ it, or use a valve. With the OR bag you have to compress then ‘burp’.

The eVent bag is completely waterproof and very durable.