Stuff sack for Therm-a-rest prolite 4

I finally bought a Therm-a-rest prolite 4 sleeping pad. I bought the stuff sack with it.

But now I’m thinking, why not just use a Sea To Summit dry bag, or similar. About the same price.

I’m thinking just tie a couple nylon lines around the pad when it’s rolled up. Probably don’t put it in anything when car camping. If kayak camping, put it in the dry bag if I want to keep even slight amounts of salt water off of it.

Am I missing something? Other approaches out there?


Thermarest advises
not putting rubber bands (or, I guess nylon ties) around the pad since it could damage the structure. The stuff bag applies uniform pressure.


Stuff bags…
I had to fold mine to get it in my stuff bag, a real PITA and they recommend not storing it in a bag for long periods so it ended up in the bag only when in the kayak.

Now I just roll it up and secure it with short 1" straps and carry it in the bow or behind the skeg where nothing else fits.

collection of ancient pads
I have several Thermarest pads that are very old. One I have used a a strap to keep rolled up. Yes it, doesn’t automatically inflate very quickly, but it also stays rolled up. I too have a prolite 4 and use the stuff sack designed for it but I do not have to worry about saltwater. A dry sack would be a great idea. I just roll mine and put it in the stuff sack. It unrolls a little but I like the softer package for packing.

Thermarest sacks
Thermarest actually makes their own line of stuff sacks that precisely fit the bed pads.

Tapered dry bag

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I roll my Prolite-4 *without* folding in half like it comes from the store. It then goes into a tapered dry bag that fits in the bow or stern end. No cords around the roll. There is enough room to also put in a set of long johns (sleep wear), a 2nd headlamp, and a few small nighttime odds and ends if desired. Works well for me.

I don't like salt water on my "inside" gear, or even some of the "outside" stuff. Ever seen a sprayskirt after it has been used for many days on a long trip without washing? Ugh. Creeks are your friend.

Thanks for the caution on the ropes.

I’m gonna go with a dry bag.

Interesting thought about not folding the pad in half before rolling it.

Good tip about looking for creeks to rinse your stuff on multi-day trips. (That’s the way I took that comment, anyway.)

If I do fold before rolling, and 8L Sea To Summit dry bag is very close to the diameter of the official stuff sack.

Thanks again.