Stupid mistake

I just got my fly rod back from the repair shop with a new tip section. Of all the dumb things to do I changed reels to switch from sinking to floating tip in the following manner: It was a calm day in the Loon and I had slowly drifted to shore casting midges. Great idea - set the reel end on shore while threading the line through to the tip 9’ down the rod. Oops, started drifting back out. Quick, pick up on the end to keep the reel from draging through the dirt or dumping in the drink. Snap, darn! Lesson Learned: Section the thing in half to run the line through it, keeping both halves in the boat, and then reassemble it. Duh!


Did the same myself. Only balancing my twig like 3 wt. on the bow of the Loon. The reel started sliding off and as I lifted it I felt and heard that sickening crack! Now I always break the rod down especially since the new rod cost more than the kayak.:wink:

Fly rod repair! it coul;d happen to anyo

The Hatch
I’m just glad now to have it back before the caddis hatch runs up the Arkansas. If the weather is right for it next week I may play hooky and avoid the weekend “combat fishing.” This would be a waders thing, but what the heck? It’s in the water and fishing. What could be better?


That is why…
I like my 30 year old Heddon fiberglass rod. It’ll take that kind of abuse.


Good tip by the way.

Old Eagle Claw
I have a 30+yr old Eagle Claw that is similarly idiot-proof. It’s the pack rod that converts from spinning to 7 1/2’ 5-6 wt fly rod. It isn’t the best caster, but still carries the lifetime guarentee. I took it to Wright/Magill when it had an eye loosen up and they made it right again. You don’t find that kind of pride in product as much these days. Guess we’re getting older and remember when…