Stupid paddle question

What are the rubber pieces on each end of my kayak paddle for? Thanks.

No question is Stupid

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They are drip rings. Adjust them above the water level of your paddle fin.

They are a waste
of rubber and money! Get them off the paddle first thing! I’m gonna take it for that comment, but hey, it’s my opinion… and that’s what forums are all about…

I agree - take them off.
They are not very effective (at least for me). I took them off and actually have less water dripping now.

Drip rings
I have a collection of these things in my garage in case you need spares :wink: Drip rings they are called. First thing I do with a new paddle is take 'em off. Now, I’ll admit to having thought about putting them back on in cold winter waters but haven’t actually taken that action yet!

Thanks for the replies.

They are lightning arresters

Not really. They are “Drip guards”

They were designed for 1 thing yet serve 2 purposes.

They keep water from running from down the shaft to your hands and into the kayak. Find your correct hand placement and then slide the “drip guards” against your little finger. Now you always know where your hand goes

Ever try the clear vinyl ones?
I was given a pair of “drip rings” that looked like clear vinyl circles with a hole in the middle… Slide them on the paddle, and they worked. I hated the rubber ones, but the vinyl concept helt snug and were so light they made no difference for weight on the paddle. I kinda like’em.

I am thinking that they came from Paddlelogic, cant remember. But heck, anyone could make a pair of those!

If you paddle with a low angle
stroke, they work well.

If you paddle with a high angle stroke they don’t.

I have them on my Epic touring paddle and they work great.

I don’t have them on my wing. I tried them on it and they didn’t work.



They work fine for me. I like them.

Mine work well,
there’s no reason to take them off. I keep them set just inside the blade and they stop most drips from getting anywhere near my hands. No big deal but if they work why remove them?

Not too effective, but can help you

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keep you hand/arm spacing at the proper width. It's pretty common with beginners and even intermediates that as the day goes on, or fear rises up, or fatigue sets in, your grip may narrow and your strokes become less efficient adding to the problems.

I have them on one of my paddles and even after years of focusing on my forward stroke, I notice my right hand creeps in closer to the center of the blade. I'll look down and think to myself, what the hell is my hand doing 6-7 inches in from the drip ring.

I took them off
They don’t do much good to prevent dripping. Also, they are a potential thing to catch/snag on deck lines or whatever.

paddle drip guards
I made mine out of toilet plungers and trimmed them to the size i wanted.Also they were cheap.

Oh, yeah…
Bet’ya ifin’ ah’ ask a question it be stupid…


they do work
My wife and I went out for our first time and I noticed that the drip gaurds do work. I will keep them on for now. Thanks for all of the replies.

I have clear vinyl ones, screw
tightened, from Harmony. Don’t think Harmony makes them anymore. I found drip rings a bit more useful for double-blading an open canoe than for kayaks. Optimizing technique sometimes results in most water being thrown off rather than dripping down the shaft.

They work very well for me. I would
guess they divert 90% of the water.